101 Toxic Food Ingredients

Food. Love it. Got to have it. Makes me feel good. Or does it?
Food really is at the heart of our health. Now to be honest, breathing and sunlight also provide critical components for our health but it is food, which is purely a conscious choice, that sustains us day after day after day. As you can see from my last two posts, there is a huge mainstream interest in understanding what we are getting as food from seed providers, growers, meat providers, fast food, pre-packaged food and more. This is incredibly importance but most people still eat and choose what to eat purely on auto-pilot.
While we are not providing medical advice here, we do believe in educating ourselves about the important things in life. Like being healthy. And happy. And fulfilled.
In that light, we offer this particular product if you’re also on the path of managing your own health and happiness. It’s called 101 Toxic Food Ingredients by Anthony Alayon. He has has decided to bring the use of these dangerous chemicals in our food to our awareness and educate the public on how dangerous they are. And what’s especially sad is that many of these toxic ingredients are banned in Europe but allowed in the U.S. Even many multi-national and U.S. food producers comply with European Union GMO-labeling agreements while fighting any U.S. legislation requiring the same.
An old latin proverb, “praemonitus, praemunitus” seems to apply in this instance. Forearmed is forewarned. Arm yourself with the knowledge that will help you make the right decisions and actions. Eat healthy and Bon Appetit!


101 Toxins
Learn about the 101 toxic food ingredients, many banned in Europe, but still used in our food.
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