Gourmet Food – Check out the Variety

Now that we’ve all worked off all of those great holiday calories (you’re still keeping up with those New Year’s resolutions…right?), it’s finally time to start checking out the gourmet food options. We’ve got some great ones for you to check out.

Chicago Steak Company – the Ultimate Steak Experience. is the premier provider of gourmet steaks, seafood and desserts. They have a long and rich tradition of Delivering Mid-Western Corn-Fed USDA Prime, Black Angus, and Premium USDA Choice steaks to homes and businesses across America. Take your pick of Premium Angus, USDA Prime (wet or dry aged), Wagyu Beef (kobe style) and steak burgers as well as chicken, pork, ribs and a fresh fish market. And to polish it all off, check out the cheesecakes! (click the banner for free shipping and gifts)

Legal Sea Foods
Legal Sea Foods has set the standard for quality and freshness with seafood and gourmet products that customers love (with #1 rankings in Boston’s Zagat Survey). They have got lobster packages, shrimp packages, a legal fish market, chowders, seafood appetizers, as well as a selection from the butcher shop for fresh meats and sausage. And of course, there’s desserts, including Boston Cream Pie, Chocolate Truffle, and Key Lime pie among others.

And finally, if you want to keep going with your diet, bistroMD is the best choice in home diet meal delivery. BistroMD’s mission is to create and deliver the most natural, fresh food, designed and cooked to the specific nutritional and caloric levels that promote healthy weight loss. They take pride in the ability to deliver delicious food without additives, preservative and fillers for taste. Start the last diet you’ll need for just $99 – up to a $60.95 value at BistroMD.com. One offer per household for new customers only. (you can still use the coupon code FreeShipping2013 for your first week’s delivery)

Bon Appetit everyone!


Beats Studio Over-Ear Headphones (Matte Black)

What is it with these headphones? They are just everywhere, especially if you’re watching pro football…

The specs include:

  • Beats Acoustic Engine uses precision sound to deliver music the way artists want it to be heard
  • Streamlined design enhances fit, distributes weight, and adds comfort
  • Adaptive Noise Canceling blocks out the world in two modes
  • 20-hour rechargeable battery with Auto On/Off and a visible Battery Fuel Gauge keeps the vibe going.
  • Includes – Beats New Studio over ear headphones, USB 2.0 Charging Cable, USB power adapter, 3.5mm audio cable, RemoteTalk cable, Hard shell carrying case, Beats cleaning cloth, Quick Start-Up Guide

You can get it in red, white, black and matte black.

Choose your color for the Beats Studio Over-Ear Headphonesand get them fast. Rock on!

The Other Health Care – Affordable Dental Insurance

Having just gone through the end-of-year Health Care Event, you may not want to deal with yet another health care issue. We’re talking about Dental Health here but there’s good reason to face it now.

1) It’s a new year – best time to deal with it so that you are all set for 2014.

2) Discount dental plans are affordable and save you money, covering you for routine visits and procedural care: from 10-60%.

3) You choose the plan, with great options for both singles and families.

Save from 10 - 60% on all dental care!

This is what DentalPlans.com offers:

  • “A dental savings plan functions a lot like a membership at a warehouse club. You pay an annual fee and get access to significantly reduced rates. And dental savings plans offer many benefits over traditional dental insurance. Things like no annual caps or limits and absolutely no paperwork.
  • DentalPlans.com is the leading retailer of discount dental plans. Choose from 30 different plans from the healthcare brands you already know and trust like Cigna, Aetna and more. We have affordable plans to fit any need and budget. And, depending on the plan you choose, you’ll save 10% to 60% on your next visit.
  • Our plans cover more than 100,000 dentists nationwide. These quality providers have agreed to charge reduced fees on the dental services you need. So you’ll get the quality care you deserve at a bigger savings than you ever imagined possible.”

Click the banner above to check out the discount dental plans available in your area – when your next dental treatment comes up, you’ll be happy that you took care of this now.

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DishWorld International Programming

It’s about time we get true foreign television programming available without dealing with all those different satellite dishes up on the roof. And it’s from Dish, the leading satellite TV company.

DishWorld is a live International TV service from the same Dish Network that provides TV all over the United States. With DishWorld, there is no satellite needed. International programming is delivered live over the Internet. Watch more than 180 channels in 15 different languages instantly. If you can understand more than just English, you can see your favorite non-U.S. shows, news, movies, kids’ programs, and sports, including cricket and soccer.

You’ll find programming in all these languages:

  • Arabic (32)
  • Brazilian (12)
  • Bangla (17)
  • Cantonese (15)
  • Filipino (7)
  • Gujarati (1)
  • Hindi (28)
  • Malayalam (25)
  • Mandarin (30)
  • Punjabi (21)
  • Taiwanese (29)
  • Tamil (30)
  • Telugu (31)
  • Urdu (25)
  • Vietnamese (6)
  • and even international English programs (13)

In fact, with your DishWorld programming package, you get those thirteen channels of English International TV, four channels of Sports TV, hundreds of free Bollywood movies, plus access to thousands of foreign films, new releases and classics included. And there are even more great bonuses – you have to check these out.

So watch your international favorites in your native language over the internet, on your TV (with Roku – check out their special offer), computer, tablet, or smart phone. Click the picture below…

Watch International TV Instantly

More than just Action Figures and Collectibles

What is your favorite “geeky” pleasure? Are you a Star Wars nut? Anime? Marvel comics characters? Breaking Bad?

Did you know there are toys, action figures, props and neat collectibles for almost all of your guilty TV, movie, and comic favorites? The best source on the planet for these has to be EntertainmentEarth.com.

Entertainment Earth. 468x60 Full Banner

You would not believe all the truly fantastic stuff they have here. You may be a collectible hunter yourself (check out their “Just 1 Left” page), or you may want to give that special and uniquely quirky gift to your BFF that just screams “inside joke” or “remember when we…”

There are specials and discounts and free shipping offers and an absolutely amazing range of fun items – go check it out and have fun.

Your Picture on Gold or Silver

Here’s a really cool item that makes sense as a gift for almost any occasion: Birthday, Anniversary, Holiday, any time. For anyone: friend, parent, spouse, child.

Get the picture of your choice engraved a picture on a charm, locket, necklace, cufflink, necklace pendant or other wearable jewelry. And you can choose from solid 14K gold or sterling silver. Your image is color laser or laser permanently engraved and is waterproof and scratch proof. You’ll be giving a high quality and memorable gift that will last forever.

Check out the complete inventory of shapes and sizes, order and submit your photo and you’ll get super fast 1 day shipping.


Herbs and Superfood

With all the news and noise around Health Care, there is one approach that is without fail the best approach to take: Stay Healthy.

We recommend that you do the basic and simple things like sleep 6-8 hours every night, eat healthy foods, and move, i.e. do at least moderate physical exercise every week. Take advantage of preventative care and monitoring (which is where health care is slowly moving toward) so that you know where you stand, what to watch for and what to improve immediately.

As for diet, we want to let you know about two great sources of healthy stuff. We are not health care practitioners and are not recommending any specific herb or food, but as you consider healthier alternatives to fast foods and prescription drugs (and their particular side effects), you’ll need to find other sources that can help you to meet your own personal diet and health objectives.

Take a look at these two websites:

Live Superfoods - The Raw Superfoods Superstore
                            Herbspro - Huge range of Vitamins and Supplements

COUPON: HerbsPro Offers 6% off on the entire range of Herbal Vitamins & Supplements in this New Year Season,  Enter Code NEWYEAR14 at checkout – offer expires Jan. 31, 2014

Coupon Code: NEWYEAR14

Some of the links in the post above are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, we will receive an affiliate commission. Regardless, we only recommend products or services we believe will add value to our readers.

Teaching Kids with Tablets

As a parent, you always wish the best for your children. You nurture and feed them and provide them the best chance to be happy and healthy in their lives. Helping your child develop and learn reading, writing, speaking and even learning itself, is key to opening up their future opportunities for them.

Technology affects all of our lives in many, many ways. So many kids seem to understand all the computers and cell phones and social networks much better than their parents. Now, there are even more technological tools and gadgets that can help your young children learn basic developmental skills and content skills such as math and reading.

The Tablet Computer, whether an iPad, Android or other specialized device has truly come of age in the home learning arena. We’ve got some leading companies that make this easy and fun for both you, and more importantly, your child. In no particular order, here’s a list that you can research to see what works best for your child in terms of age, easy of use, and learning objectives:

First is VINCI. VINCI offers devices, learning kits and apps, learning dvds and toys and a complete award winning learning curriculum for toddler, pre-k, and kindergarten aged children.

Next is LeapFrog. They have tablets, games, apps, and reading systems targeted for the 3 up to 9 years of age, and learning toys for toddlers and up to 9 years. We’ve included the link for their #1 best selling tablet products on Amazon.com

Finally, although they are not tablet-based. we’ll mention Hooked on Phonics. You’ve probably heard about Hooked on Phonics (HOP) award winning learning systems for years. Targeted for 3 through 8 years of age, HOP uses dvds, cds, storybooks and more to engage and teach your child better reading and cognition skills.

Some of the links in the post above are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, we will receive an affiliate commission. Regardless, we only recommend products or services we believe will add value to our readers.

Get Amazon Prime

Best thing I ever got, in addition to my Kindle, has been Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime gets you free 2-day shipping on all Amazon warehoused products, instant streaming of over 41,000 TV episodes and movies, and over 350,000 Kindle -ebook titles that you can download for free. Hook your Prime account to your smart TV, blu-ray player or other home media device and you’ll get your Amazon Prime programs on the big screen, plus the whole “watch instantly” catalog of programs that Amazon Instant Video has to offer.

I like the one-click purchase of an e-book, Kindle game or streaming video. It’s so easy and you’ll save lots on shipping charges with Amazon Prime. (I like that e-books cost less than printed books ’cause I love to read – saves space on my already overcrowded bookcases too).


Some of the links in the post above are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, we will receive an affiliate commission. Regardless, we only recommend products or services we believe will add value to our readers.

Offer123.com Relaunched

Offer123.com has relaunched and returned to our roots. We’ll be searching for and bringing to you great offers. That means discounts, coupons, great new, cool and hot products, and more. Hope you like the new flashier design! We’re all looking forward to a great 2014. Make us a part of your web bookmarks and check back often to see what neat new things we’ve found.Offer123.com