Free Children’s Book Offer

When I go out around town and places that families tend to be, I am always amazed at the number of kids with tablets — that’s androids, iPads and Kindles. Of course they are probably all playing games…

We love Kindle for reading books and especially love those promotions that many authors do where you can download their book FREE for a limited time. We found a great series of kids books called “A Bird Book for Kids™”. There’s on on hummingbirds, one on ostriches and a new one that’s gone on free promotion from May 7 – May 10. It’s called Falcon: A Bird Book for Kids by Novare Lawrence. Check it out and download it for free from Amazon.

These books are about 28 pages and feature some great photographs of these birds. They also talk about some neat things that are unique about each bird species. For example, the Peregrine Falcon is the fastest animal in the world, capable of diving through the air at over 200 miles per hour. (Note: both U.S. measurements and metric are used which is handy). Great stuff for book reports for young students.

This promotion should also be available on all other Amazon sites as well (Canada, U.K., etc.). Suggested age range is 7 to 13 but everyone should enjoy the fun facts and great photos. Kindle reading apps are available for just about all computers, smart phones, tablet and notebooks, and browsers, etc. — just get the app you need for free from Amazon in the Kindle area.

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