DishWorld International Programming

It’s about time we get true foreign television programming available without dealing with all those different satellite dishes up on the roof. And it’s from Dish, the leading satellite TV company.

DishWorld is a live International TV service from the same Dish Network that provides TV all over the United States. With DishWorld, there is no satellite needed. International programming is delivered live over the Internet. Watch more than 180 channels in 15 different languages instantly. If you can understand more than just English, you can see your favorite non-U.S. shows, news, movies, kids’ programs, and sports, including cricket and soccer.

You’ll find programming in all these languages:

  • Arabic (32)
  • Brazilian (12)
  • Bangla (17)
  • Cantonese (15)
  • Filipino (7)
  • Gujarati (1)
  • Hindi (28)
  • Malayalam (25)
  • Mandarin (30)
  • Punjabi (21)
  • Taiwanese (29)
  • Tamil (30)
  • Telugu (31)
  • Urdu (25)
  • Vietnamese (6)
  • and even international English programs (13)

In fact, with your DishWorld programming package, you get those thirteen channels of English International TV, four channels of Sports TV, hundreds of free Bollywood movies, plus access to thousands of foreign films, new releases and classics included. And there are even more great bonuses – you have to check these out.

So watch your international favorites in your native language over the internet, on your TV (with Roku – check out their special offer), computer, tablet, or smart phone. Click the picture below…

Watch International TV Instantly